Blackberry Code Signing Hangs or Taking too long: Java 7 Issue

I am working on a blackberry app for OS 7. I had received keys from Blackberry and tried to sign my app using Eclipse Signature tool in Blackberry Eclipse plugin. But whenever I started signing the app, it signed some of the .cod files and then hanged. Even after waiting for hours, it kept showing “Receiving Response” for some .cod files, specially for RRT key file. After searching on net , I found that it was because of Java 7.

Though I have not referred Java 7 anywhere in Eclipse, it was using it when signing the code. because by default, my system path was set to Java 7, though Java 6 was also installed. I uninstalled Java 7 and then system was set to using Java 6 by default. After that, I signed the code and Wow! it was completed at the blink of the eye.

So Blackberry does not support Java 7 . You need to install Java 6 and set its path in System Environment variables so that code signing process works well.

PS: My system is on Windows 7, 64 bit. I am developing app using Blackberry JRE 5.0.0

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